Our Technology


G.M.R.S. currently has a phone room with a total of 206 stations all with predictive capabilities. Our phone line technology uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) over high-speed fiber optic lines. In total, we have 638 lines active and have installed line capacity to scale to 1667. Our dialing system features full predictive capabilities on every line. We also use manual dialing to stay in compliance with FCC and TCPA rules.

Custom Applications

G.M.R.S. has flexible vendors and staff that take can full advantage of the interviewing software and telephony hardware. We have created custom software solutions for elaborate inbound projects as well as advanced database integration for patch and conference calling. Our CATI software enables us to tackle even the most difficult questionnaires and data processing jobs. All of our interviewing stations have Internet access enabling us to conduct web surveys using our clients software. Also, we have our own web survey system that can be tailored to our clients needs. We have technology that allow audio clips to be played to respondents where desired. There is no limit to what we will consider customizing to meet our clients' needs.

Computers and Software

Our phone rooms interview using our own custom cloud based data collection software. CCM controls all predictive dialers. The network servers consist of Mac OSX Server, RedHat Linux Enterprise, and Windows servers. Our CATI stations and supervisor computers all run Microsoft Windows XP Professional custom configured with security features. All staff and supervisors have Microsoft Office 2010. Our server's data files are automatically backed up daily. All administrative systems, servers and many interviewer stations have battery back-up in case of power failure. Our web survey system is connected via a 50mbit fiber Internet connection and and a dedicated firewall. This system is monitored 24/7.


Our dialers were upgraded in 2011 and use the latest software by Calltrol Corporation (formerly Buffalo Audiotec). Our dialers utilize HP and Digium hardware. They have capabilities such as call progress analysis, cadence detection, and off site transfer. Our dialer software package is CCM, which offer features such as off premises transfer, branching quota control, advanced reporting features, the ability to launch any web survey on demand, passing sample data, and advanced scripting capabilities. We have expandable call recording facilities capable on all stations. All of our stations are monitored internally. Upon request, any of the stations can be audio monitored remotely from anywhere in the world. Our monitoringss are typically hosted conference monitorings where we bridge you into our local monitoring system; this allows us to select stations actively in interviews for better use of your time. Our phone lines run on synchronous fiber optic Internet connections. Our VoIP carrier specializes in high volume call center traffic and is located within Florida with redundant VoIP servers in Georgia. Our VoIP connection to our carrier has on average an 11ms round-trip time from us, providing excellent call quality. All of the Dialer and Telephony equipment is supported by battery back-up.

Networking and Protection

Our network is protected with both Watchguard and Astaro Firewalls. All Internet enabled systems are protected with leading anti-virus protection and hardware firewall appliances. Any remote connections are protected via VPN connections. Combined, we have 50mbits of synchronous fiber Internet. Modern Cisco routers connect all buildings together. Our web survey system runs over a dedicated Astaro firewall with a direct connection to our 50mbit fiber optic. All of our locations operate primarily with enterprise grade Gigabit Ethernet (1000 base-T) switches. Most computers have multiple protocols enabled (IP, IPX, SPX, and Netbios) for maximum application support. All networking hardware is protected from power outages with battery back-up power.

Buildings and Security

Buildings are protected by monitored alarm systems. Our primary location has a 60KW backup diesel generator able to provide power during long term power outages. Each server/dialer room has independent cooling systems providing protection for hardware and minimizing the risk of any down time. Our primary location employs a 16 channel video surveillance system remotely monitored by staff. Our other location has a CCTV system monitored by supervisors.