Our Staff

Anthony Diana – President

Anthony Diana is a marketing and business development manager with over 20 years of experience in various areas, including market research, property management, food services/restaurant, entertainment promotions, and film/professional photography. His qualifications even extend to natural disasters and public insurance adjusting.

Over the years, Anthony has continuously developed professionally by completing numerous courses in management-oriented applications of computer systems, marketing, business, quantitative and qualitative research, recruiting methods, and ethnic research implications in these ever changing times.

Throughout his career, Anthony has developed an expertise in marketing planning, business development, plans/programming, budgeting/funding and personnel management.

Anthony's responsibilities include the areas of marketing strategy development, business development plans, funding/budgeting approaches, and organizational structures. His work concentrates on emerging approaches to optimum data collection and dissemination.

Manor Folsom – Chief Operating Officer

Manor has worked as a professional researcher since 1988. Over that time he has directed or overseen over 10,000 projects ranging on the political side from local city council races to successful candidacies for the U.S. Presidency, as well as a wide variety of consumer and corporate related products and services.

In his free time he pursues his interests in politics, literature, music, and history.

Brian Cerve – Chief Technology Officer

Brian Cerve has worked at GMRS since 1992, beginning in Marathon, FL as an interviewer. He then worked through the ranks as a supervisor, project manager, IT manager, and finally CTO. The combination of all these positions has provided for a sound foundation for the data collection process, a plethora of knowledge on project fielding and management, an understanding of the detailed needs of our clients, extensive technological experience, and outstanding creative design abilities.

During his employment, he has learned many business applications from DOS' Edlin to Microsoft Office, PC repair, operating systems, network administration, and telephony hardware and software. G.M.R.S.' training flexibility and options have enabled him to gain immeasurable knowledge.

His training and education include CfMC's Mentor and Survent, CCM, an AA degree, an AS degree in networking, and a BS degree in Information Systems Technology from the University of Central Florida. He also has certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, and Comptia. When not working he enjoys time with his family as well as focusing on his interests in electronics, missionary work, and his church.

Gilberto Creque – Senior Vice President

Gilbert has been working at GMRS since 1997 and has advanced through various positions during his time here, from interviewer to his current position as Senior Vice President. Having knowledge of the inner workings of the business, he's able to better understand the tasks that are involved in the set-up of projects ranging from the normal to the custom tailored.

Technology is also a very big aspect of his job and his life. He is constantly trying to stay at the forefront of new developments so that he can apply this knowledge to the needs of his client's and the company.

Mr. Creque is a South Texas native and has lived everywhere from Hawaii to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba being a military brat. He spends his free time with his toddler son Francisco and his wife Nichole.

Matthew Adams – Senior Project Manager

Mr. Adams has over 20 years experience in virtually every aspect of quantitative market research data collection, 16 of those years with GMRS; from hands on field supervision and office management, to project management, computer programming and data processing. Matthew has a proven record of excellence in a wide variety of market research projects varying from political polling to surveys for business and consumer products and services.

Client satisfaction is always the number one priority. He is always available for in person consultations by appointment to coordinate any of his client's; project needs.

An Akron, Ohio native, Matthew has been enjoying Southern living since relocating to Atlanta from Los Angeles in 1990. Matthew currently lives with his family and pets in West Georgia.

Chris Stella – Senior Project Manager

Originally brought on as a supervisor during the last millennia, Chris has made it his duty to learn every single job one can do at GMRS. He as been a supervisor, executive assistant, IT, sample administrator, programmer, and is currently holding down the role of Senior Project Manager. His all encompassing knowledge of his field puts him in the unique position of being able to offer advice on any and all of the services GMRS provides. His steadfast dedication to his work and his clients has led him to receive accolades from groups as diverse as the Teamster's Union to the National Jewish Federation.

During the very few hours a day he is not working, Chris likes to spend his spare time reading the works of Hunter Thompson to Stephen Hawking and mastering the terrestrial version of "The Game of DOS", at which he is quite adept.

Joshua Maynard – Project Manager

Josh Maynard joined GMRS in the far-off yesteryear of 1995. Since then, he has taken part in nearly every manner of task imaginable in regards to working here – from Janitor all the way to Manager of Payroll.

He spends all of his money on comic books and video games.

Eric Stephenson – Project Manager

Eric's first experience with G.M.R.S. was as an interviewer in the summer of 1997. Returning from college, he took the position of supervisor in 2002. Eric now enjoys applying his technical knowledge and experience with the different levels of the company into being a well-rounded Project Manager.

When Eric is not working, he enjoys spending time golfing, playing the guitar, watching as many movies as possible, and most of all, attending concerts.

Patricia Cerve – Bookkeeper

Patricia Cerve is the bookkeeper for GMRS. She has been with the company since 2003 and handles accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Patricia lives in Melbourne with her two kids and fiancé.

Adriana Tavares – Senior Programmer

Adriana "Ali" Tavares has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Marketing major from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Cololombia. She graduated in 1992 and has been with Global Marketing Research in Atlanta since 1993. She was initially employed as a telephone researcher, later receiving hands-on training in computer programming involving surveys.

Her background includes experience in Marketing Research, Advertising, Public Relations, Statistics, Computer Utilization, Customer Service, Staff Coordination and extensive Problem Solving. She is fully experienced in programming tables/tabulations for research/polling projects. She has extensive training in CfMC programming for CATI interviewing and running tabulations in Mentor. She is fully bilingual; she speaks, reads and writes in Spanish with total fluency.

Arlene Cruz – Human Resource Director

Ms. Cruz has over 15 years experience in public relations and human resources. 13 years of management and customer relations has given her the expertise needed to provide GMRS with quality service. Arlene's 7 years of growth at GMRS has proven her commitment to excellence. Employee satisfaction is an important concern. Arlene is always available to help resolve employee issues.

Arlene relocated to Florida from New York in 1980. Ms. Cruz currently lives with her family and pet in Palm Bay.

Deidreann Badchkam – Coder

Deidreann has worked at GMRS since 2002 having worked in the role of interviewer, trainer, special projects coordinator as well as her present position of coder. She brings a dedicated commitment to excellence for each project she codes.

She spends her spare time following her interests in sewing, fashion, and writing.