Data Processing

Verbatim Coding

Our experienced coding team can provide various services related to verbatim questions:

  • We can create a coding framework for your project
  • We can code based on a coding framework that you provide
  • We can edit verbatim responses
  • The codes can be appended to the close ended data for tabulation reports
  • Upcoding of other specify responses

Tabulation Reports

Tabulation Reports

We can create custom tabulation reports once your survey is out of the field.

Data Conversion

Do your need your data in a particular format? We can provide you with copies of your data in various formats including flat text, column and tab delimited, Excel, SPSS sav format, WinCross, and CfMC's tr data format.

Data Blending

We can put data together from various sources including phone and web surveys, in person interviews, or from different vendors and with differing data structures.