Business & Consumer Data Collection

Consumer Surveys

Over the years we have conducted thousands of consumer polls on a broad range of topics including banking, cable services, restaurants and virtually any other product or service imaginable. You can rely on our trained interviewers to leave the respondents from your customer list with a positive impression because we treat each respondent with the utmost courtesy and respect. We also have extensive experience dialing from RDD samples and we are well-versed in the practices that increase cooperation.

Business to Business Surveys

Conducting telephone interviews among businesses can present a challenge because it's difficult for respondents to find the time to take a survey during the workday. G.M.R.S.' dialing software makes attempts at different times of day and has the capability to make scheduled callbacks to increase the likelihood of reaching a respondent at a time that is convenient for them. We also have dedicated inbound phone lines that can be used if you wish to provide callback number on faxed or emailed survey invitations. G.M.R.S. has conducted hundreds of B2B surveys over the years and we will work with you to get the response you need.

Web Surveys

G.M.R.S. is capable of building, fielding and processing online surveys using our own custom designed survey engine. We have built the ability to use all of the tools and features that you would want on a C.A.T.I. study; rotate series of questions, rotate response lists, skip questions, split sample, quota control, include or exclude responses based on a previous question, et cetera. Additionally, we can display the multitude of audio and visual content that the internet allows, including the ability to display images, play audio files, play video files, do a presentation, have a respondent download documents or programs, or do just about anything you have ever seen or can dream of. We can also use our online survey system in conjunction with our C.A.T.I. system, allowing you to combine the data from those two audiences for even more in-depth analysis.

Medical Professional Surveys and Recruitment

Surveys among doctors and medical professionals have traditionally been costly and time consuming to conduct, but we offer extremely competitive pricing for these services. By altering our approach and sending faxed invitations with an inbound number, the professionals may call at their convenience. Thus we can reduce the cost of conducting your medical survey and decrease the time it takes to reach your quota.

Focus Group Recruitment

We can recruit panel members for your focus group by phone, conduct reminder calls and mail maps and materials to your recruits.

Inbound Calls

G.M.R.S. has 16 lines dedicated to inbound calls, with the ability to upscale on a per project basis. Our staff is available to accept calls from 9:00 AM and 10:30 PM EST.